"Respected, heard and empowered is how I felt during birth of my child when Saga was my doula. They were there for me when I was getting anxious in the weeks before the birth and helped with pain management during labour using breathing techniques and massage. There was a feeling of partnership as we navigated the process when things don't go according to the ideal scenario. My contractions started on week 41+6 and the next day I consented to the puncturing of the membranes but managed to avoid the use of artificial oxytocin and antibiotics, as per my birth plan. Together with Saga we were able to pause, breathe, and consider each step even at the later stage of labour.

Saga is very tactful and gave a lot of space for my partner Steve to participate in the birth.

It is my second child. The birth of my first baby was traumatising and lacked agency. With Saga's help this time round I felt a lot more relaxed and aware. "

- Anastasia

"As a father, I felt supported by Saga, I felt their support in my decision making process as part of Anastasia's supporting team in the birth of our daughter. I felt that I had space with Anastasia when I needed to connect with her. I could see the trust that they had established, which put my mind at great ease. Saga provided a wealth of material which greatly aided my knowledge in being part of Anastasia's support team. They brought a great sense of calmness to the room, even when we were exhausted and sometimes worried, their presence kept us on the level.

I felt with Saga's support that we were in control of the situation, it gave support to the medical side of the birth, and they brought humanity back to the process for us. I am forever grateful to them."

-  Steve